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Perfect for internal knowledge management. With custom controls, user-friendly design, and powerful functionality, streamline your team’s workflow effortlessly. Enhance productivity with an appealing interface built for efficient internal use.
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Create an amazing on-brand employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) for all your internal and external tech users. ITSM Tech Theme delivers a great self-service portal experience that’s quick and easy to install with no-code easy configuration.

  1. Clear, content-first design - Created to ensure articles are easy to read and content is simple to navigate.

  2. Rich controls - Easy to adjust settings allow you to change styles effortlessly.

  3. Quick Links - Give your users fast access to other platforms / websites / links with a set of customizable links.

  4. Responsive - Designed for any device, from desktop to mobile and everything in between.

  5. Remain true to your brand - Simple to install and customize to your brand needs, including colors, styles, fonts and images.

  6. Announcement banner - Announcement banners that are easy to use and allow your team to quickly update their end-users important service information and messaging.


Quick Links

By giving your users clear access to different platforms you can turn your Help Centre into a fantastic launch pad and central hub.

Upload a link, name and optional icon. Place the list either in the header, footer or in the sidebar when viewing articles. Choose from multiple styles to ensure they’re easy to locate for your users.

Announcement Banners

Alert your users to critical outages, upcoming operating hour changes or critical articles with Announcement banners. Choose from either a simple banner or one which accepts HTML input allowing rich formatting options.

Style it your way

Easily customize the look and feel of the Theme to match your brand requirements. Upload your colors, fonts, and images to get started. Multiple style variations for components are available (category items, header, footer, recent activity, promoted items, quick links).

Available branding settings: Features no-code configuration of favicons, border radius, colors, Hero image, category images, Quick links icons, Footer social links, header style.

Category Tile Styles

Category / Section images: Easy to customize category (or section) blocks. Choose either an icon or photo to represent your category, and multiple styles for the overall look.

Category / Section style: show or hide descriptions, and choose variations of color schemes and colors to ensure the look fits with your brand.

Additional custom category block: Show an additional block next to the category blocks. Perfect for providing a link to an external or internal source (such as submit a request, login portal, etc).

Choose your elements: Choose which sections to show or hide on the homepage (such as recent activity, promoted articles, community section, FAQ section).

Custom Headers and Footers:

Need the Header and Footer of the Theme to look exactly like your main website? We’re here to help, simply contact us to find out how we can develop a custom theme for your brand that mirrors your branding perfectly.

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Our Zendesk Guide Themes provide best in class ticket deflection, no-code configuration with incredible design.

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