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Mizzen+Main turns support into a profit center with personalized data

As Mizzen+Main grew from an e-commerce menswear brand to more than 715 retail locations, agents needed a faster, more personalized way to connect with global customers. The company integrated its CRM data with Zendesk Sunshine to create 360-degree customer profiles and launched an app to allow one-click product recommendations. Now support agents can pivot to sales quickly, creating more cross-sell and upsell opportunities at scale.

“In a matter of weeks, we were able to integrate data—like when a customer bought a shirt, the specific shirt they bought, their exact size, and even their birthday right into Zendesk Support.”

Sabrina Abney

Director of E-commerce - Mizzen+Main

"We’ve transformed our Customer Support team into a satisfaction boosting profit center. We’ve seen our CSAT go up 3% — proof that our data backed approach is working."

Sabrina Abney

Director of E-commerce - Mizzen+Main

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Dallas, Texas

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One-click product recommendations

< 2 weeks

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Mizzen+Main is a men’s apparel brand that uses performance technology to create moisture wicking, wrinkle-resistant shirts. Since launching as an e-commerce company in 2012, the company has expanded to more than 600 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada after incredible demand.

This growing global customer base had high expectations for a premium brand that promised the perfect fit for every body. Mizzen+Main responded with a service-led retail approach: make agent interactions more personalized and relevant to improve product suggestions on the spot, and ultimately boost sales.

The company brought this issue to Zaius, their Zendesk technology partner, who identified Sunshine as a clear solution to help future-proof the business and optimize CX at scale. Using the Events and Profiles API, Mizzen+Main was able to integrate its marketing CRM data from Zaius into Zendesk Sunshine. This gave agents a more holistic, 360-degree view of the customer, including name, birthday, and shirt size, as well as profile, orders, and recent activity.

Even better, Mizzen+Main also created an app that allows agents to make one-click product recommendations directly to customers, helping them pivot from support to sales on the fly. By harnessing more personalized and relevant relationships, support agents can now turn service calls to personal shopper calls and turn product returns into exchanges.