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Mastering the art of managing customer success with LinkedIn’s Erika Tabacniks

The manager of customer success for LinkedIn chats with host Nicole Saunders about building an effective customer success team and leading with empathy in the age of AI.

Por Mark Smith, Staff Writer

Última atualização em April 29, 2024

As the manager of customer success for the world’s largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn, Erika Tabacniks knows a thing or two about the importance of work-life balance in ensuring team success.

In this episode of Conversations with Zendesk, Tabacniks spoke about managing customer success with AI, the importance of open communication and work-life balance for support teams, and a charming anecdote about exceptional customer service that embodies the Japanese concept of ikigai.

“Customer relationship management—building and nurturing strong, long-lasting relationships—is at the core of our mission,” Tabacniks says. And in order to navigate the complexities of customer success, one must cultivate meaningful relationships on their teams.

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Tabacniks also highlights the importance of work-life balance in fostering a healthy work environment, which, in turn, goes a long way toward improving the customer experience. “I encourage a work-life balance,” she says. “Taking breaks, disconnecting from work when they’re actually off. Using their vacation days—something a lot of Americans don’t do. Leaders can set an example.”

Catch the last episode of 2023 on December 14, when Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier sits down with host Nicole Saunders to talk about how AI is delivering a real-world impact and where Zendesk is headed in 2024.

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