Measure all interactions with customer experience software

What is customer experience software?

Customer experience software is a cloud-based solution designed to measure and improve the experience customers have with a company. It collects information from every customer interaction and lets the company analyze and improve its performance.

Zendesk Explore provides insight on customer experience (CX) so management teams can understand customers and the business they bring.

A better customer experience yardstick

Most software for tracking the customer experience offers insight on a specific area of interaction, such as customer service, support, sales, marketing or the contact center. It delivers insights based on results from the platform used in each area.

A true customer experience management system takes the enterprise-level view of every interaction in the customer lifecycle. Customer experience software analyzes both the company's side and the customer's side. Beyond giving the financial picture of the customer's value to the company, the software helps the company learn how to improve at every step along the customer journey.

Customer experience management pays off

Customer experience software is a platform for the entire company. It uses technology to analyze feedback and lessons from each area, then guides employees toward improvement across all touchpoints. Upper management can use it as a resource for creating new workflow and providing the best customer service possible.

The goal of the customer experience solution is to sell to customers in the way that they prefer to buy. In a small-enough organization, it suffices for a few people to know how to do that. The larger the organization, the harder it becomes to identify the voice of the customer. Providing a smooth experience for the customer from one end of the company to the other is a tall order.

Starting on the CX road

Many companies invest in customer relationship management (CRM) software, which is a good place to start. But proper management of the customer experience requires an end-to-end view of customer engagement through sales, marketing, social media, digital channels, content, web resources, contact center and finance.

It takes software for text analytics and predictive analytics to pore through the resulting mountain of data and distill the kind of insight from which upper management can build a cohesive, comprehensive strategy for improvement over time.

Measure and improve with Zendesk Explore

Zendesk Explore lets you dig in to your mountain of customer experience data to analyze and understand how your customers experience your company. Data-driven insights can help your teams work more efficiently together and learn how your customers really use your resources.

Zendesk Explore integrates smoothly as one more solution in the Zendesk platform.