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Report from Closing Time Austin: How ClearCorrect grows by focusing on the customer

Por Ryan Nichols , VP Product and Marketing, Zendesk Sell

Última atualização em December 9, 2019

We just wrapped up our 14 city “Closing Time” tour, where we’ve been gathering local sales leaders for a face-to-face discussion about how customer expectations about the purchasing process are rapidly evolving, and how the sales profession is changing to keep up.

Last month in Austin, we recorded a quick discussion with one of our guests, Zendesk customer ClearCorrect, a leading manufacturer of clear orthodontic aligners.

ClearCorrect has served tens of thousands of dentists all over the world and has delivered literally millions of orthodontic aligners to their patients from their headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.

ClearCorrect has a customer-centric founding story: they were founded back in 2006 by a dentist who had over 400 patients that needed to finish their clear aligner treatment, but no one to make the aligners for them. So Dr. Willis Pumphrey went the extra mile for his patients: he founded his own company to make aligners for them. One by one, other dentists signed up to try Dr. Pumphrey’s solution, and ClearCorrect started to grow.

Now ClearCorrect is part of the Straumann Group, a global leader in dentistry. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Straumann Group has provided dental solutions to hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

“We’ve been using Zendesk Sell for a year and a half. It is a great tool,” says Colin Crundall, ClearCorrect Account Manager. “For emails, you get notifications when people read the email– you know how effective your emails are. When I follow-up with people, I always know what the previous communications were…who I talked to and what we talked about.”

What did Colin learn at Closing Time Austin from Todd Caponi, author of The Transparency Sale?

“The Transparency Sale opened my eyes to the power of not trying to hide your flaws and make yourself seem perfect, but embracing that and then focusing on how we can help you,” says Colin. “Also, doctors are not the easiest to get ahold of, and I learned new ways to approach my emails so they actually read them!”

Hear more from Colin here:

We welcome anyone to our Closing Time events, not just Zendesk Sell customers like ClearCorrect. Let us know where Closing Time should tour in 2020 by sharing your comments below!

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