How 123 EDI Dropped Resolution Times and Bolstered Self-Service Support With Zendesk

Published July 14, 2011
Last modified July 14, 2011

123 EDI123 EDI is a leading provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which is based on global standards and used by all sorts of companies to exchange routine business documents in electronic format. EDI removes the need for human intervention and rekeying data, and replaces paper documents in today’s business model. With EDI, businesses can operate more efficiently by streamlining time-consuming and convoluted processes. 123 EDI’s solutions go beyond basic EDI and automate a variety of related business processes. We've been using Zendesk since October 2009 as our help desk for both external and internal support requests.

As a software company experiencing rapid growth, our largest obstacle was figuring out how to tweak our management of communications in order to better respond to support issues. We needed to liberate our agents from the repetitive yet critical aspects of customer service (acknowledging support requests, providing prompt feedback, sharing internal information, etc.). In addition to the basic communications tasks we knew could be streamlined, we wanted to prioritize support requests and track response times. In the business solutions field, we recognize the value of automation, particularly for providing quality customer service, and when you have global competitors, a sophisticated support solution is a prerequisite just to be on the playing field. We realized the time had come to upgrade to a more efficient support system that reflected our core values.

Assessment and Resolution Times Drop Drastically
Once we evaluated the options and realized that Zendesk would both solve our immediate needs and position us for future growth, we took the plunge and haven’t looked back. The setup was quick and painless. Within days we began to customize automated responses and direct customers to our new online help desk. Zendesk provides such a user-friendly interface that minimal training was needed. The most challenging aspect was convincing customers to direct support requests to the help desk rather than to their project manager directly. However, they came around when they realized that they could save time and expedite resolution by submitting a ticket rather than leaving a message. With our agents unfettered by time-consuming communications, assessment and resolution times dropped drastically. And our customers appreciate the ability to leave feedback on the help desk, and we appreciate what a great resource ticket-tracking metrics are to manage and reinforce our service targets. Now we are equipped with the best tool to provide quality customer service, meet service deadlines, prioritize effectively, and easily share information internally. The bottom line is our customers are pleased and we are more productive.

Next Up: More Self-Service Support
As our business continues to grow at a rapid pace, we look forward to creating an online community within our Zendesk and employing the advanced ticket tracking metrics to both challenge our staff and ensure that we maintain the high level of support our customers have come to rely on. The knowledge base we are building will reduce the burden on our support staff by enabling customer growth, education, and self service - a true foundation for an online community.

Self-service customer support with knowledge bases

While there are some features that we have not yet implemented, we are excited about the possibilities. Zendesk’s many integration opportunities instill confidence that we’ve made a strategic alignment with a true powerhouse in the customer service field. As a B2B solutions provider, we knew we needed a sophisticated, multi-channel ticket management system that would enable us to collaborate on internal and external support requests. We found so much more with Zendesk. We easily implemented a customized help desk and with the expansion of our knowledge base and forums combined with Zendesk’s integration opportunities, our growth path is golden.

Laura Villalobos is a customer advocate at 123 EDI.