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Scorchin' hot new integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Por Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Última atualização em June 27, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Relay (Support) is your proactive WhatsApp and SMS bulk messaging tool, created by Zendesk. Communicate service incidents, communicate with attendees of special events, target VIP customers for special events and promotions, solicit additional feedback from loyal customers, and more. Easily create a new message template for WhatsApp or SMS and submit them to Meta for approval. Insert dynamic messages from your user’s existing data to personalize templates.

Sendcloud Tracking

Sendcloud Tracking (Support) unlocks the future of parcel management within Zendesk. Forget the hassle of traditional tracking methods. This app redefines efficiency by revolutionizing the way you monitor shipments created via Sendcloud. Monitor your parcels effortlessly and retrieve tracking numbers directly from your field ID, eliminating unnecessary steps and saving precious time. Ensure every delivery is on schedule with real-time updates and insights at your fingertips.

Phrase for Support

Phrase for Support (Support) offers a comprehensive platform of connected translation tools that’s intuitive to use and simple to integrate. Phrase provides a simple, plug-and-play solution with Zendesk Support tickets for real-time translation of conversations between customers. This enables you to instantly serve customers worldwide in their native languages, regardless of the availability of agents or the languages they speak.


NinjaOne (Support) automates the hardest parts of IT, empowering more than 17,000 IT teams with visibility, security, and control over all endpoints. The NinjaOne platform is proven to increase productivity, while reducing risk and IT costs. NinjaOne’s Zendesk app provides a real-time connection that allows you to search for devices in NinjaOne and assign them to Zendesk tickets.


SubscriptionFlow (Support) is your all-in-one subscription management platform, designed to streamline the complexities of recurring billing, invoicing, and customer management for businesses of all sizes. It empowers you to effortlessly set up, customize, and automate subscription plans–ensuring smooth and reliable revenue flow. The integration seamlessly integrates SubscriptionFlow customer and subscription details directly alongside your Zendesk support tickets. This powerful collaboration enhances your ability to provide top-notch customer support by having comprehensive subscription information at your fingertips.

Additional apps added in June:

  • Rivelio AI (Support) is a set of AI-powered features designed specially for support teams to enhance their Zendesk experience. It can analyze user messages and tell you how your customers really feel. It helps you decode complex customer emotions and tailor your responses perfectly. It gives you a concise summary of your chat with a customer, pulling out all the key details you need for a successful interaction.
  • Shopify AI Agent by Adelante (Support) is the perfect tool for solving time-consuming “Where Is My Order” (WISMO) tickets. When you receive a new ticket, the Shopify AI Agent uses Zendesk Advanced AI to identify the customer’s needs. It will retrieve the customer’s order details from Shopify, pull up the latest tracking information from your delivery company, and send a personalized response containing all the necessary information to your customer.
  • Noticast (Support) redefines how teams connect and collaborate. Noticast seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, making communication more efficient than ever before. Give your agents eye-catching popup notifications that demand immediate attention ensuring they notice urgent updates right away and can’t ignore them.
  • Replift Resolve AI (Support) learns in real-time, equipping your support team with knowledge not just to answer but to solve even the most challenging of problems. Through every conversation, every query, every nuanced issue your customers face, Replift is there learning and adapting.
  • Officely AI (Support) helps your team respond to support tickets better and faster by understanding the tone of voice and context and handles repetitive tickets that don’t require human intervention. Officely integrates with GPT, Claude, LLaMA, and more and goes beyond simple API connections to these models, employing their own machine learning processes.
  • Google My Business Booster by Adelante (Support) is an AI solution for transforming customer enthusiasm into 5 star reviews on Google My Business. Capture authentic, excited reviews with minimal effort.
  • eZSend Many (Support) integrates directly with your WhatsApp numbers available in Zendesk to send notifications through the WhatsApp native channel. Send proactive mass notifications from Zendesk tickets or customer profiles and interact with your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Chatarmin (Support) is one of the best WhatsApp marketing softwares built in Austria. Their user-friendly software helps businesses generate new revenue, increase customer retention, and create innovative customer experiences by enhancing existing marketing channels with the extensive reach and features of WhatsApp.
  • Fieldproxy (Support) is a powerful B2B SaaS solution designed to revolutionize field operations for businesses across industries. Effortlessly create and manage tickets, ensuring no task falls through the cracks. Create jobs directly from Zendesk Support tickets and seamlessly allocate work and tasks to your field agents using intuitive calendars, keeping your team in sync.
  • Agents Only (Support) is a new model to build your customer support teams by marrying humans with software and AI. Improve productivity and efficiency by pairing your own Help Desk to live agents, to manage customer support needs. Agents Only connects your customers with motivated agents who are incentivized to provide the best experience possible. By putting your projects on this platform, you can cut a significant portion of overhead labor and resource expenses from your budget.
  • UpBrains AI Workflow Automation (Support) unleashes the power of AI to streamline your workflows, understand your customer communications, extract information from your tickets and attachments, and empower your team to do more in less time. With advanced AI capabilities, UpBrains AI ensures your Zendesk is a central hub for smart decision-making.
  • OmniSun (Support) lets you send proactive WhatsApp messages over Zendesk. Send templates instantly, notifications with videos, documents, and images. Preview your WhatsApp templates before sending, bulk notifications, and more with this integration.
  • Octopia Connector by Volvox (Support) helps you unleash the power of seamless order data retrieval from any Octopia marketplace. Provide your agents with lightning-fast insights for exceptional customer support. Effortlessly retrieve order details directly from a ticket field and instantly view detailed billing and shipping information related to the ticket.
  • Netsuite by Faye (Support) helps you connect Zendesk and Oracle NetSuite, enhancing your CX platform with powerful ERP functionalities to optimize customer engagement and operational processes. By syncing NetSuite customers to Zendesk organizations, you can streamline support and billing processes enabling agents to quickly resolve inquiries with direct access to NetSuite’s invoice history within Zendesk.
  • Clone System Fields (Support) allows you to quickly and accurately duplicate Zendesk system fields that cannot be cloned from the native clone tool in Zendesk fields. This functionality can help streamline your workflows, enhance data organization, and improve overall efficiency in managing your Zendesk environment.
  • ZIS Hub from Saassle (Support) provides a single location to manage all the Zendesk Integration Services within your account. Currently Zendesk Integration Services can only be managed via APIs, usually via Postman or Curl. The ZIS Hub app instead provides a simple user interface to manage common ZIS tasks.
  • Agent Copilot from UpBrains AI (Support) uses the power of AI to streamline ticket processing workflows and assist in intelligent response generation for tickets using your prior responses, information in your resources, and knowledge bases. Empower your team to do more through the power of UpBrains AI Copilot.

New themes added in June:

Rixo 128 is a standout Zendesk theme featuring a sleek, eye-catching design and numerous practical features. It offers customizable blocks and actionable prompts, enabling effortless brand tailoring without coding skills. This allows for the quick and easy setup of an impressive help center that will delight your customers.

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