Turning customer reviews into real revenue

By Brianne Kimmel

Published February 3, 2017
Last modified February 3, 2017

Customer service is too often an afterthought and many times customer requests go unanswered. Yet with the proliferation of connected devices, customer expectations are at an all time high: they expect to get help quickly and on every channel.

According to BrightLocal, 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Listening and engaging with your customers through feedback leads to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and repeat customers. Skyscanner uses the Zendesk and Trustpilot integration to remove bottlenecks and address customer comments and concerns almost immediately, which has lead to increased customer satisfaction scores.

"Before the integration, all of the Trustpilot customer reviews flowed into my inbox and I quickly became a bottle neck. Now, Trustpilot reviews create tickets in Zendesk and our support teams in Miami and Singapore response to the reviews almost immediately," said Jon Thorne, senior user satisfaction manager at Skyscanner. "After integrating Trustpilot and Zendesk, we've actually seen some customers change their negative reviews to positive ones."

Creating a customer engagement strategy can be challenging, so we’ve teamed up with Trustpilot and Skyscanner to share a basic framework for customer engagement.

  1. Start by monitoring customer feedback
  2. Solicit feedback from your happy customers
  3. Manage reviews and directly address negative feedback
  4. Respond to feedback publically

Join us next Tuesday as we talk with Trustpilot and Skyscanner on the future of customer engagement and how to build a customer engagement strategy.

Our panel includes:

  • Trustpilot: Jordan Garner, director of marketing
  • Zendesk: Anthony Okumura, senior product marketing manager
  • Skyscanner: Jon Thorne, senior user satisfaction manager

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