Kayako Alternative

Kayako alternative

Bring your channels together seamlessly—learn about The Zendesk Suite.
Zendesk takes a unique approach to customer engagement, by enabling you to listen, respond, and delight your users. Zendesk isn't just another help desk tool. It is the easiest and fastest way to implement great customer service.

4 reasons Zendesk is an alternative to Kayako

1. Innovative products

Zendesk's agile development team innovates at a rapid pace, constantly improving the product and quickly responding to customer needs. Our vision is strong and aggressive roadmap to get us there.

2. Built for scale

Zendesk has a proven track record of scalability and an uptime of 99.9% means you’ll never outgrow Zendesk. Numerous companies have expanded from a small team to one of the largest in the world, like Groupon, Uber and AirBnb, using Zendesk.

3. Community of integration partners

We know we can't think of everything you need, so we built a flexible product. With more than 700 apps in our Marketplace, choose the tools you need to make our customer service software work for your business.

4. Our own support team!

We have a dedicated team of Customer Advocates here to help with solutions and answers. Our team consistently maintains a satisfaction rating of over 95%. Let them help you transition away from Kayako to Zendesk.

You've found your Kayako alternative—make the switch to Zendesk.