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Request management software

Improve service efficiency and quality while lowering operational costs with request management software.

What is request management software?

Última atualização em May 21, 2024

Request management software is a tool that helps teams efficiently handle and resolve service desk requests, which, in turn, enhances overall service delivery and satisfaction. It can be used by IT departments, customer support teams, HR, or any other operational teams within a company that require structured processes to manage service inquiries or incidents.

Exceptional service hinges on a superb support team, yet even the best can be overwhelmed by disorganized requests.

A dependable ticketing system is essential, enabling teams to efficiently track, manage, and prioritize all support queries from a single workspace. Our guide covers the critical capabilities to look for in request management software.

Manage requests efficiently with AI-powered request management software

Selecting request management software with the right features is crucial, but it’s equally important to choose a solution that is secure, user-friendly, cost-effective, and capable of keeping pace with the speed of your business.

Operate at scale with AI purpose-built for service

As AI becomes integral to business decision-making, selecting a data model that aligns with your organizational operations is increasingly critical. Zendesk AI is specifically designed for IT, HR, and CX service teams and pre-trained on billions of real support interactions, ensuring fast and easy implementation.

It can automate workflows to empower agents to deliver better service at scale or intelligently route sensitive queries to the appropriate person. Meanwhile, AI agents can resolve requests 24/7, giving your human agents valuable time back for higher-value tasks. Our AI also provides insights into potential automation opportunities, helping you streamline operations and reduce costs.

A screenshot displays Zendesk generative AI.

Increase productivity with Zendesk AI.

Personalize conversations on any channel

A screenshot displays the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

Deliver more effective support with the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

Zendesk offers an omnichannel request management system, enabling customers or employees to receive support over any channel: voice, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, text, and more. With important information and context related to the issue in one place, agents can deliver a personalized experience—and they don’t need to toggle between systems or apps to do it.

And since our workspace is AI-powered, agents also receive intelligent suggestions on how to resolve the issue and tailor their response. It’s also intuitively designed for ease of use to maximize productivity.

Reduce high ticket volume with self-service

A request management system featuring an AI-powered self-service portal empowers users to find solutions themselves without involving a support rep. With Zendesk, AI can help support teams write knowledge base content, provide insight into content gaps, and flag articles that may be outdated. AI can also generate ticket responses based on content from your knowledge base to help agents resolve issues more effectively.

A screenshot displays AI expanding on knowledge base content.

Use an AI knowledge base to support self-service at scale.

Make better decisions with real-time insights

A screenshot displays Zendesk reporting charts.

Understand your entire support operations with Zendesk reporting.

Zendesk allows you to natively integrate support insights, performance data, and workforce management metrics to drive operational efficiency. Take immediate action with real-time reporting and analytics tools. Keep track of your entire support operations with reliable metrics, including how to optimize AI agents to ensure their performance meets your standards.

Keep your data secure

Safeguarding user and company data is paramount in any request management software. Offering features for data security like encryption at rest and in transit, along with granular user access controls, ensures only authorized personnel can view sensitive information. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches, fostering user trust and protecting your company's confidential information.

Zendesk provides enterprise-grade security features, including single sign-on, two-factor authentication, HIPAA compliance, and IP restrictions, among many others.

Learn more about advanced data protection with Zendesk.

Benefits of service request software

Here’s a list of common benefits for businesses looking to invest in request management software.

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Boosts efficiency and productivity

Request management software can increase the productivity and efficiency of your support team by providing tools that streamline workflows and create a frictionless agent experience. Self-service options keep ticket queues manageable while automation handles repetitive tasks. Meanwhile, intelligent routing sends requests to the right place the first time so agents can resolve them quickly.

Reduces operational costs

Compared to a shared inbox, request management software is more cost-effective. For starters, AI and automated processes can help your business meet growing support demand with fewer resources. AI agents and knowledge bases can deflect tickets while automations can handle tedious tasks. As a result, workflows are more manageable, meaning agents can focus on high-value tasks, work more efficiently, and help more users faster.

When choosing a cost-effective solution, ensure it sets up quickly and is intuitive so you don’t need a larger developer budget to maintain it. Also, consider hidden costs like endless add-ons that can increase license fees.

Provides a better support experience

Whether you’re using request management software to support customers or employees, the right solution can equip agents to deliver top-notch, personalized service. For example, omnichannel request management software enables IT teams to provide support from the most convenient channels for employees, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. And because agents can track conversations from one interface, they have key details at their fingertips to tailor responses to each individual’s needs.

Offers actionable insights to make smarter decisions

Data enables you to make informed decisions. Customize your reporting and analytics dashboard so you can view specific metrics to gather actionable insights and identify trends. Examples include ticket spikes with similar issues, common requests better suited for bots, agent performance, and response times. With this data, you can make changes to optimize your performance.

Improves internal collaboration

Request management software can improve internal collaboration and break down data silos by connecting data across tools and systems. This data would otherwise be fragmented, keeping some departments in the dark.

Opt for a request management system with collaboration tools like Zendesk side conversations. With side conversations, agents can communicate with each other, their managers, or other teams without leaving their workspace.

Frequently asked questions

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Zendesk combines industry-leading AI, a user-friendly contextual interface, and top-tier security to offer a dependable and cost-effective request management system. Its adaptability enables teams to quickly become operational, tailor the system to their specific needs, and scale for various customer and employee service scenarios. Try it for free to see for yourself.

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