9 customer service gifs that explain a day in the life of a support agent

Customer service representatives do not get enough credit. That's it, that's the tweet.

By Sarah Olson, Senior Associate, Content Marketing, @seolson5

Published September 30, 2020
Last updated October 12, 2020

Most people will interact with a customer service representative at some point in their life, and yet, we don't take the time to appreciate the patience and skills required to be a support agent.

We think these customer service gifs sum it up nicely:

1. When you sit down at your desk and realize how many tickets are in your queue

Person sitting at their desk holding a cup of coffee and staring blankly

2. Putting a customer on hold for just a second...

Person talking on a headset holding up a finger and asking if they can put the caller on hold for just one second

3. When a teammate compliments your outfit

Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane giving a presentation wearing a yellow suit smiles and says thank you

4. Troubleshooting a simple problem like:

Person dressed as a magician points a wand at a computer and then the computer disappears in a puff of smoke

5. When a customer hangs up on you

Person talking on the phone, then looking at the receiver inquisitively after the caller hung up

6. Knowing the answer to a customer’s question before they even ask it

Person typing, looks at the camera with a smile, and then goes back to typing

7. When your work bestie gives you an assist

Two people put their hands together and celebratory sparkles appear

8. After you successfully upsell a customer

Agent gives himself a high five as money rains down on him

9. When you end the day with a solved ticket and satisfied customer

Customer support agent looks at their computer, then looks up and smiles

Show a customer service agent some love

Jokes aside, the reality is that support agents have a tough job. They have to balance multiple competing priorities, be the experts of their product or service, and stay in control of their emotions when customers complain. That's a lot of pressure, and agent burnout is surprisingly common.

That's why it's important we give them credit where credit is due. The next time you contact customer support, remember that there's a hardworking human on the other side.

Here are a few ways to show your appreciation:

  • Say thank you
  • Submit feedback on surveys
  • Write a review of a product you love
  • Shout out great customer service on social media

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