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Keep support knowledge fresh and useful

Por Jennifer Rowe, Senior documentation manager

Última atualização em September 21, 2021

Knowledge is the product that your support team owns and builds every day. And just like a real product, it must be maintained and enhanced. Likewise, knowledge base articles are never complete; they are impacted by product changes, new customer questions, new use cases, and issues. If your knowledge base articles are not dynamic and do not grow, they will become stale and not be trusted by your customers.

Each of your agents has knowledge they can share to contribute to the collective knowledge. The internal experts who make up your team can contribute knowledge by creating new articles. Those who aren’t creating knowledge can help by flagging articles that need a fix.

Using the Knowledge Capture app, you can set up workflows that enable your agents to easily create and flag articles. By continuing to build and enhance their product, your agents can help each other and help customers help themselves.

Leverage internal experts to create knowledge

Agents can create new articles using the Knowledge Capture app. Before they do so, you should think about where you want these new articles to be created and who will be responsible for reviewing and publishing them.

If your agents have permission to publish their own content directly to any section in the knowledge base, and you don’t require review or approval, then you don’t have much to think about. Agents can simply publish articles where they need to be, using the app, and it’s done.

But if your team is like most teams, where the responsibility for reviewing and publishing knowledge lies with another team or special group of agents, then actually creating the article through the app is only part of the process. You’ll want to set up a workflow for reviewing and publishing the agent created articles. You can then create article templates for your agent’s according to the workflow you want to implement.

Learn more about leveraging internal experts.

Keep knowledge fresh with flagging

Agents can add feedback to articles that need updates using the Knowledge Capture app. When an agent adds feedback, the article is considered flagged and a ticket is created. You should decide where those tickets go and who is responsible for updating flagged articles.

Learn more keeping knowledge articles fresh.

Insider tips

Once the workflow is in place, you and your agents can be confident that valuable collective knowledge will never go undocumented again.

nowledge is the product that your support team owns and builds every day. And just like a real product, it must be maintained and enhanced. Want to hear how others have done it? Check out these in-depth community tips and tricks from others actively using Knowledge Capture app:

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