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Incident Reporting Software

Software de relatórios de incidentes

The problem every support team faces

How can we take a number of customer complaints stemming from the same problem, collect and monitor them, and simultaneously resolve the issue?

With Zendesk Support incident reporting software, a ticket can be one of four types: a question, a problem, an incident, and a task. Each of these types allow you to track and resolve issues with the ticket. Problem and incident tickets are useful when a problem or interrupted service is reported by more than one person.

Em primeira mão

If several employees report to security that there is an accident in the parking lot and it is creating a safety issue, Zendesk Support can treat the tickets as a problem and link all the tickets to one incident ticket and resolve them simultaneously by analyzing, reporting, and providing a solution in minutes to each employee. This type of incident reporting gives management the software they need to track and identify all complaints and report back faster. Instead of a long-drawn out investigation, employees receive notification faster, giving them the satisfaction of a resolved corrective action.

Você sabia?

With Zendesk, here is the general workflow for tracking incident reporting tickets:
  • Identify a service interruption or problem that's causing people to file tickets
  • Create your own ticket to address the problem
  • Change the other tickets to incident tickets and link them to your problem ticket
  • Solve the problem ticket

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Change how your management responds to problems or incidents by offering a solution that quickly reports back to customers or employees. Look into an incident management software system that users love as they experience good results.

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