Support your customers with call center software

What is call center software?

Call center software (also known as contact center software) helps customers reach businesses for their support needs. Phone support is a powerful customer service extension for any business because it allows customers to communicate with call center support teams across multiple channels like email, live chat, social media, and text messages.

Zendesk Talk is call center software that is embedded in the Zendesk Support ticketing system for a seamless customer experience. Talk software helps expanding teams resolve issues faster while simultaneously measuring and improving phone support operations. With Zendesk Talk, your team will deliver better customer experience across channels.

Empower your call center agents

We know that a successful customer support agent must be able to fully focus on their customer. Scrambling to take notes or manually logging conversations leaves your support team more frazzled than fruitful. Talk allows agents to focus on helping customers quickly without rifling for information or navigating multiple systems. Our call center software operates out of one centralized portal, so your team can achieve the focus they need to start chatting—without a precarious system of post-it notes.

Measure up with call center metrics

The added bonus of a centralized call center is your team’s ability to track and measure every customer service interaction. When it comes to customer tickets, call recording, or queue volumes, managers can measure chat agents’ performance with real-time reporting and monitoring. You’ll easily understand how your phone support fits into multichannel operations with our centralized reporting—and learn exactly how your business can improve.

Cloud-based solution with easy set-up

Easy to set up and fully cloud-based, Zendesk Talk allows teams to get up and running with full call center functionality in minutes. That means there’s no need to involve IT, hire additional technicians, or manage new vendors. And since Talk is embedded directly in the Zendesk Support ticketing system, your cloud call center will seamlessly connect you with your customers.

Add Zendesk call center software to your team

We know that connecting with your customers is vital to your business’ success. With Zendesk Talk, you can set your growing support team up for success to resolve issues faster, review current customer support metrics, and improve phone support operations across the board. If you’re ready to deliver better customer experiences across every channel, try Zendesk Talk today.