Customer engagement platform

Make every message count

Customer engagement platforms enable you to be proactive. Being proactive helps connect with a customer before they realize they need you, at the right time, in the right place — leaving them feeling uber satisfied.

It used to be a lot like magic. But now it's more about data management with Zendesk Connect. It's about using the content from that data in a simple way to understand your customer, so you can add that personal touch and build trust.

Em primeira mão

Whether you have 10 customers or 1 million, customer engagement remains the same. Know where they’ve been on your site, when they needed help, and why.

Você sabia?

An event-based timeline gives you a better understanding of a customer’s history. With Zendesk Connect + Outbound you can collect customer data and complete your customer view with a timeline of events and conversations. Create marketing segments of customers based on behavior or profile. Then identify trends and trigger targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right customers.

  • Trigger campaigns based on segments, drop a line to VIPs, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list
  • Define custom audiences based on behaviors, actions, and attributes to reach out to customers in ways that actually mean something to them
  • Keep track of campaign performance in real-time—who’s seen it and who was interested enough to click through
  • Drop a proactive heads up about issues or a well-timed tip for newbies delivers assistance before customers know they need it

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Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. We're working together to make customer engagement platforms better with proactive messaging.