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Can enterprise companies really provide great customer service?

Last updated September 17, 2014

Personable, friendly, responsive. Probably not the adjectives you’d use to describe the customer service you get from big, enterprise companies.

But why not? Is it because they don’t want to provide good customer service, or because they just don’t care? No, it’s more likely because being human at enterprise scale is hard, especially without the right people, processes, and technologies in place to make it happen.

As long-time believers in the importance of building real, human relationships between businesses and their customers, we’re excited to announce today an expansion of our offering to bring modern customer service to the enterprise.

New Enterprise Elite plan
Core to our offering is a new plan to address the growing need for a modern customer service platform at large companies. The Enterprise Elite plan includes Zendesk’s most advanced features with premium, around-the-clock support, service-level guarantees, and expert guidance both during launch and ongoing.

Dedicated enterprise team
Led by senior executive Marcus Bragg, Zendesk’s first dedicated enterprise team will help large organizations set goals, get started, and continuously improve through regular check-ins, reports, and industry benchmarking. With more than 50 Zendesk employees across customer support, customer success, and sales, the new team has extensive enterprise experience and stands ready to help organizations provide personable and proactive customer service at scale.

Four adoption paths
Modernizing the customer service of a very large enterprise sounds daunting. Fortunately for our customers, we’ve done this before. Our proven customer service adoption paths help even very large organizations get started in less than 30 days.

  • Scaleable Support. Improving the efficiency within a contact center and scaling to support customers in any channel.
  • Effortless Self-Service. Embedding support directly into customer experiences so customers can discover content and communities to help themselves.
  • Proactive Engagement. Creating a feedback loop to analyze customer insights and engage customers at the right time and in the right context.
  • Employee Service. Applying customer service best practices to the internal employee experience by helping departments such as IT, Finance, or HR.

Who’s in?
Rest assured that we’re not talking to ourselves here. In addition to several large organizations already on Zendesk, we’re happy to welcome Nine West Group to the Zendesk family. The portfolio of global fashion brands is the latest enterprise to select Zendesk as its customer service platform.

To help us better support big companies like Nine West Group, Avaya has joined as a contact center partner to integrate with Zendesk using its latest Aura Collaboration Environment release. We now partner with 25+ contact center and telephony providers.

We’re only human
Let’s face it: Customer service is a people business. At its core, the whole thing works best when the people on the customer side of the equation feel helped and valued by the people on the business end of the equation. As Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane sees it, that’s the whole point of our new enterprise offering: “We’re helping the world’s largest organizations to be human at enterprise scale.”