Intranet portal software

Store and access valuable company information in a single location

Wasting time searching for answers is an all too common scenario in the workplace. Whether you're an agent on the phone with an irritated customer or an employee searching for answers to an HR policy, productivity comes to a halt if you can't find the information you're seeking — and relationships take a hit. Zendesk Guide offers a new approach, giving agents a portal for accessing all pertinent company information.

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With Zendesk Guide, employees gain visibility into relevant information that the outside world can't access — simply by choosing the audience for specific content. This intranet solution to internal collaboration ensures efforts aren't duplicated, important information is easily found, and faster, better customer service becomes the norm.

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This intranet portal software solution from Guide fosters better relations with:
  • Support interactions that are organized in a single location
  • Analytics that measure efficiency and productivity
  • Content that is localized in 40+ languages - serving global organizations

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Find out how your enterprise can benefit from having a single source for all company information. To try out Guide, request your free trial today.

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