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Foster communication with your readers using a knowledge base plugin for WordPress

While we often enjoy the impersonal nature of the internet — shopping in our pajamas, rifling through sales pages, etc. — there are definitely times when we need that personal touch. In fact, engaging with your blog followers is what keeps their subscriptions active.

Zendesk Guide for WordPress makes it possible for agents to field questions from blog readers. And by letting them know you care, you'll foster a more loyal, interactive community.

Em primeira mão

With our knowledge base plugin for WordPress, Zendesk Guide makes it possible to manage all support requests. In fact, they're assigned to agents directly in WordPress, making them easy to locate and track. Guide helps to make sure that none of your customers fall through the cracks with accessible ticket information and easily updated support requests.

Você sabia?

Zendesk Guide for WordPress promotes an open line of communication between agents and blog readers with:
  • A single login for readers - sign on with the credentials they use for your blog
  • Comments that can be converted to tickets – letting you dive deeper to help someone out
  • Optional tabs for pages let users search your knowledge base

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Find out more about how you can use Guide's smart knowledge base plugin for WordPress to create relevant articles and respond to user posts in an efficient, timely manner. Launch your free trial today.

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