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Personal Knowledge Management Software

Personal knowledge management software

Knowledge is power. Even Spiderman knows with great power, comes great responsibility.

Professional support teams have a lot of knowledge about customer issues—and the best way to network to solve them. They often play the hero role to your customers.

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base software that helps tap into that institutional knowledge and "know-how" and put it to work.

Conversations in one place

With Guide, you quickly build a personal and customizable help center, online community, and a customer portal so customers get better self-service. Agents see improved efficiency and faster resolution with software designed for knowledge management.

Make it easy

Utilize personal knowledge management software to:
  • Grow what you know: Capture your agents’ collective knowledge and build on it over time to respond to support requests more effectively
  • Give them the good stuff: Give customers the most relevant answers and information automatically
  • Be better with bots: AI-powered Answer Bot* resolve high-frequency, low-touch tickets by sending customers relevant articles while they wait for an agent
  • Get smarter as you go: Measure and score the popularity and effectiveness of your content to see what needs work and what you should write next

Como o Zendesk pode ajudar

Guide is more than just a collection of articles and information. It's true networking and workflow knowledge management software. Capture and leverage your team’s professional know-how. Guide works natively with Zendesk Support to deliver better self-service for customers and improve agent efficiency.

Learning how to apply the knowledge you have for greater customer relationships is a total superhero move.

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