Experts weigh in on tomorrow’s best CX practices

Keep video gamers happy with these 4 customer service tools

Fairness in the customer relationship

Guia de pesquisa da satisfação dos funcionários

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Meet Zendesk Explore – Americas

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Meet Zendesk Explore – Asia Pacific

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Conheça o Zendesk Explore - Europa

Enterprise Benchmark: Comparing your customer service against other enterprises

Base de conhecimento
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Evolving trends in self-service: creating the best experience for agents and customers

Forrester: Assess Customer Service Capabilities To Pinpoint Opportunities For Better Service

Seu guia para suporte omnichannel

13 Ways to be a customer-driven company

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10 principais métricas da central de suporte

Beyond cookie butter: the secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

O caso do ROI para o suporte omnichannel

Guias omnichannel
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Suporte omnichannel fácil com o Zendesk

A abordagem omnichannel do Zendesk

Converse por chat

How MoviePass radically changed the movie theater customer experience

Melhore seu autoatendimento com as métricas certas

Research links volunteering with happier employees and customers

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A era do cliente: como empresas transformam a experiência de seus clientes com o Zendesk

Cultivating customer loyalty by supporting choice making

How Sephora created a futuristic, omnichannel customer experience

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